i’d like to say something about the bones stolen from our graveyards,


but at this point I’m just overwhelmed by grief and pain. The identities of those whose graves were disturbed will always be unclear because of the way the bones were handled and stored by the oh-so involved white academics. AND THEY MAKE IT ABOUT US NOT KNOWING WHOSE BONES WERE MISSING. And they are still dismissing our demands for apology as “it was the spirit of the time, and you can’t dismiss the science they did was cutting edge back then” and anything else which basically amounts to “OUR IDEAS AND EXPERIMENTS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR LIVES”.

And one white asshole called Mikael Fortelius even had the gall to say something to the effect ofI wouldn’t find it out of place to have my grandma’s bones on the table, but I understand if people feel differently about this”

—well no, you fucking don’t. Because you simply have no concept of the difference between

  1. just taking someone’s grandmother’s bones without permission, displaying them in cabinets and using them to do whatever bullshit racist experiments you wish, and eventually getting her mixed up with the remains of other people and sending back the wrong package, and
  2. consenting to examine YOUR OWN FAMILY’S remains on your terms in ways that are understandable to you and your culture.

And this is because you are a racist, colourblind prick who needs to BURN. FOR ALL ETERNITY.

From another article: “The finding of a burial site means that the area has been inhabited.”

NO FUCKING SHIT, SHERLOCK. WE’RE STILL HERE, YOU WHITE PIECES OF SHIT. You may not be into phrenology any more but you sure as fuck are still RACIST.

^^^Important STATEMENTS which should be acknowledged more often.

[Context: “forgotten” remains, including Saami remains, were found in some boxes in a basement, and a board is deciding whether to rebury, exhibit, study, or “dispose of” the remains.  It looks like the Saami people want the bones to be reburied (I can’t tell whether the article is suggesting that they’re saying “rebury them right now” or “the end result should be reburial but study is okay first”) but the bones may not be reburied because the provenance of some is questionable?  The hedgey language is because I don’t speak Finnish and google translate is not being very helpful here, so I’m not entirely sure I understand the specifics of what the article says.  I wish I knew more about this.  In some contexts, some kinds of analyses might be helpful to solve this problem, but I doubt those are the analyses the scientists want to do, and I doubt that the ones they do want to do would be much help here.]

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